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Safety made in Germany

Safety made in Germany

MOTAC Target System – the innovative shooting training system

Firearms training without risk of injury and material wear – MOTAC is an innovative quality product with top-notch efficiency on all fronts. The MOTAC Training System consists of MOTAC Targets, MOTAC Color Chalk Spray, and the MOTAC Stencils.

MOTAC Targets

MOTAC Targets

More safety, less wear: MOTAC Targets close almost completely after bullet passage and offer maximum safety for both shooters and trainers.

The rubber granulate plates of MOTAC Targets have been specially developed for use on shooting ranges. Their strength is a unique combination of rubber powder and polyurethane. This enables the “self-sealing” effect. The shot channel closes almost completely after passage of the bullet. The result: the capacity for a shooting load (multi-hit) of several thousand rounds of full metal jacket ammunition with no loss of dimensional stability.

More safety: ricochets, secondary projectiles, and rebounds are ruled out – even at close range. MOTAC Targets are flexible and available in nearly any shape and size. And by the way: they even protect the environment. We take your used MOTAC products back for recycling.

MOTAC Color Chalk Spray

MOTAC Color Chalk Spray

Fast feedback, efficient training: MOTAC Color Chalk Spray marks hits and sprays over bullet holes in the twinkling of an eye.

The environmentally friendly Color Chalk Spray offers fast feedback on hits and an effective training sequence. Simply spray the MOTAC Targets using the MOTAC Stencil. The spray dries in seconds. At the bullet hole, the paint bursts off and leaves a defined mark: immediate feedback for shooters and trainers. No more tedious masking or wiping off of hits. Just spray again with MOTAC Color Chalk Spray and you're good to go.


Safety in firearms training

Environmentally friendly

Zero carbon footprint

Multi-hit properties

Fair price

Quality made in Germany

Innovative, flexible training


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Norbert (Dino) Hoffmann

MOTAC Project Manager Tel: +49 4322 / 44 898 191

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